Fizzlebang's Inventions


Located behind the Black Cat Tavern in the Lore Ward is a rather unique shop run by on old gnome named Erbag Fizzlebang.
Posted outside the shop in bright green lettering is a sign that reads:
“Home of the Dwarf Fire Launcher.
If it doesn’t get you out of trouble, we’ll refund your gold!”

Inside the shop there are wall to walls inventions are carefully labeled displayed on shelves, racks and inside cases.

Some of the things you spot in the shop are…

a spinning rack of evergreen trees labeled: “Identify item armor-freshener”

A wall of torches of varying sizes, one has a tag that reads: “Mint scented ever-burning torch: just because your exploring damp dingy dungeons doesn’t mean it can’t be an aromatically pleasant experience.”

And in a large case in the center of the room is barrel with what appear to be adjustable straps with a wand labelled “fireball” sticking out from the bottom of it. You get the distinct smell of blasting powder as you approach. Over the case is a large sign that reads: “Dwarf Fire Launcher—Great for a quick escape”

Fizzlebang's Inventions

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