Gate Ward

“Assault on persons living or dead without provocation is grounds for prosecution.”
-Warning posted at the Trade Gate, Hammerfast

Visitors to Hammerfast arrive at the Gate Ward, a small, waIled·off section of the town that once served as the living quarters and garrison for the necropolis’s living inhabitants. Today, the Gate Ward is Hammer· fast’s doorstep, a place where visitors and residents mingle to conduct business. A bustling market unites traders from the Nentir Vale with those from beyond the Dawnforge Mountains. The Hall of Justice reminds the folk of Hammerfast and all its visitors that the dwarves lack any tolerance for troublemakers and criminals, yet this neighborhood is also a haven for smugglers, thieves, and rowdies.

To many travelers, the Gate Ward is Hammerfast. They have no need, and probably lack permission, to enter the other wards. The rowdiest and most chaotic of the wards, the Gate Ward is the ideal place to go if you’re an adventurer seeking a job, a thief in need of a fence, or a hothead in search of a brawl. The town elders accept that some level of illegal activity is inevitable in any settlement. They just hope to keep it confined to the Gate Ward.

Gate ward2

Places of Interest

1West Gate
2Revenue Hall
3Guard Towers
5Gate Market
9Hall of Justice
10The Arcane Star
11Boltac’s Goods
12Rondal’s Inn
13The Foundation Stone
15Swiftriver Clan Home
16Swiftriver Manor
17Halfling Square
19East Gate

Gate Ward

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