Hammerfast celebrates four holidays tied to its history.



In the middle of summer, when days are at their hottest,the people of Hammerfast celebrate the defeat of the dragon Calastryx by the wizard Starris in a battle that took place nearly 300 years ago. The Trade Guild constructs an elaborate puppet ofthe dragon that stretches nearly 30 feet in length. The puppet leads a parade through town, while the folk of Hammerfast gather along the streets to throw rocks at it. Punching a hole in the puppet is said to bring good luck for the coming year. The parade winds up at the temple of Moradin, where the puppet is cast into a pool of fire.



Early in the spring, the residents of Hammerfast set aside a day to remember the attack that devastated the town. The citizens return indoors by sunset, since walking abroad at night is said to bring terrible luck on this particular day. At midnight, a spectral horde of orcs rushes through the streets, reenacting its attack.


When fall approaches, Hammerfast celebrates the last of the warm days with a great festival. Revelers don elaborate costumes and parade through the streets, and every family in town offers cakes, cookies, and other treats to passersby. Within their costumes, the rich and powerful mix anonymously with the common folk. The offerings of food between neighbors represent the town’s unity.

Wor orc

Although the tension between the priests of Gruumsh and those of Moradin always simmers, it never boils over. The Festival of the Eye provides an outlet for that tension. Each year, in the dead of winter, the priests of Gruumsh erect a massive tent outside Hammerfast. Champions of Gruumsh come from across the Nentir Vale to do battle in ritualized combat to establish their rankings. Although some matches are to the death, most end with one combatant unconscious.
In addition to these duels, the warriors of Gruumsh accept challenges from all comers.
Priests of Kord, local roughnecks, and anyone else looking for a fight are welcome to take part.
Matches range from one-on-one duels to chaotic brawls.
The festival lasts for a week. The priests of Gruumsh consider their champions’ victories as important omens for the coming year. The priests of Moradin encourage hotheaded paladins and clerics to participate in hopes of embarrassing their rival priests.


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