Lore Ward

History walks the streets of Hammerfast, so its study is vital to the town’s continued success. The Lore Guild ‘s first members were the sages who struck the covenant with the gods that allows the dwarves to live in Hammerfast. This history reminds residents of their debt to the guild and to the gods. The guild’s ongoing work produces the knowledge that allows the living residents of Hammerfast to coexist with its ghosts. Students from as far away as Winterhaven come to study with the scholars of the guild, bringing both prestige and income to the town.

Lore ward

Places of Interest

33The House of Memory
34The Black Crypt
35The Grand Library
36Lore Spire
37The Black Cat
38Temple of Moradin
39Temple of Pelor
40Temple of Ioun
41Oakhall Theater
42Idara’s Tower
43Helka’s House of Fortune

Lore Ward

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