The Town of Hammerfast



The land around Hammerfast is at best rugged, difficult terrain and at worst nearly impenetrable mountain slopes. Bitter winds sweep across the peaks during the winter. Although snow is relatively rare in the Nentir Vale’s lowlands, it piles up among the peaks. The town closes down as winter sets in, with the dwarves content to toil in their workshops and other townsfolk hunkering down for a long winter.

In contrast, the summer months are hot and dry. Wildfires are a risk on the mountain’s wooded slopes, and travelers without knowledge of local springs and streams should carry plenty of water when they venture out of the town. Luckily, the heat keeps most dangerous creatures in their lairs during the day, but travel by night carries a significantly greater risk of encountering monsters or bandits.

The Town

“Assault on persons living or dead without provocation is grounds for prosecution.”
-Warning posted at the Trade Gate, Hammerfast

Hammerfast is divided into four wards. Three of the wards are home to the major guilds in town,( Trade guild, Lore guild and Craft guild) and the fourth, the Gate Ward serves as a gateway between Hammerfast and the rest of the world.
Hammerfast is a busy place, as merchants and travelers from the Nentir Vale and beyond congregate here. In the early spring after the snows melt and in the fall after the harvest, the streets are choked with caravan wagons, pack mules, and travelers. A band of a hundred mercenary warriors en route to a paymaster might clog the streets one day, and a winding caravan of priceless treasures from the unknown east could bring traffic to a halt the next.

Town Amenities

Inns: The Arcane Star, The Coach and Pony, Rondal’s Inn,
Taverns: The Foundation Stone, The Black Cat
Shops: Boltac’s Goods, The Fish Market, Craft Way, Fizzlebang’s Inventions, Various Shops TBA
Entertainment: Oakhall Theater, The Hidden Coin,
Services: Helka’s House of Fortune, The Grand Library, Trade Bank,
Temples: Moradin, Pelor, Ioun, Gruumsh(Black Spire)

The Town of Hammerfast

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